Glossary of Terms

The amount of sound reduction provided by a hearing protector. Higher numbers indicate more protection. This number is usually measured in decibels.

Unit of measure for loudness, volume or intensity of sound. Noises at or above 85 decibels are potentially harmful and may cause hearing loss.

Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA is required to do American National Standards Institute (ANSI) testing that determines the Noise Reduction Ratings for all earplugs.

NRR - Noise Reduction Rating
The EPA's rating system that indicates the amount of potential protection an earplug offers when it is tested to ANSI S3. 19-1974 standards.

The government requires that anti-noise earplugs are labeled with an EPA rating that indicates the hearing protection rate. For example, NRR 33 in accordance with the noise entering your ears will be reduced by 33 decibels. NRR 33 is the highest NRR rating available for hearing protectors.


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